Property Monitoring Services


There can be a delicate balance between the value of loss versus the cost of surveillance. Because of our long  established relationships with our customers, we were asked if a service could be provided that did not require traditional security but just property monitoring.  Having someone that would be on site, make rounds and keep on eye on property, equipment and any other articles of value; providing a presence without the high cost of a security service. Out of this was born our Property Monitoring Services.



All The Benefits Of Surveillance Without The Costs Of Traditional Security Services

E.O.M. is not a security company, nor do we offer services that require the licensing, certifications or regulations that armed or unarmed security services do.  If this is your need, we are the first to say that you should manage the needs of your business.  In contrast, if you need to know that there is a someone available on-site during non-business hours, making their presence known, walking the property and ready to pick up the phone to call authorities in the event of a concern..., E.O.M. is ready to serve your needs at a considerable savings to your business.









Often We Provide Maintenance Services So We Are Present And Trusted Afterhours Already


The opportunity to maintain your facility is one that we take with great pride in our service and reputation.  We earn the trust of our customers through our quality, courteous service and reliability.  We already know your business, we tend to do our work when your staff is gone and we lock up when we leave.  This can encompass setting security systems as well access to any and all areas of your facilities. 

Given the specialized need to have a vigilant presence in some cases, let Executive Office Maintenance show you how our great care and attention to your business can extend to Property Monitoring Services as well.

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